Inspired by The Hobbit

My life isn’t quite as exciting these days. No travels to faraway islands, or hiking up remote mountains. I’ve spent most of my time staring at my computer, playing games, mostly just wasting time and being unproductive. Until one day, I went with my friends to watch The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

I’m not a hardcore Tolkien fan, but do applaud The Hobbit movies — especially the art at the end of the film. I don’t know if others watched it, so I am going to announce here, for the sake of those who have no clue, that there are really really really nice drawings of the characters when the movie credits are shown.

I got so inspired watching it that I got myself to start sketching again. It’s not perfect, definitely not professional level, but I hope you see the effort. ♥


I picked this character because I wanted to try drawing blonde hair. And this seems to be the perfect challenge for me.

Here are some of my other portrait works.



I hope I will be able to push myself to practice more and more. And at the same time, to become not as lazy as I usually am. It’s the start of a new year, after all. ♥


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