Climbing Mt. Apo (Kapatagan-Kidapawan Traverse) – Day 3/4

Even though our tent was carefully nestled between the rocks and plants, we were not exempted from an extra cold night while camping below Mt. Apo’s peak, our second campsite for the trip. I spent most of the time tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. Finally, at 4AM, I won the war against my sleepy eyes and got up and out towards the freezing morning breeze.

It was a short but uphill walk towards the summit. When we arrived, it was still too dark to see anything but the tiny sparkles of the city lights far below us. So we just sat there patiently, waiting for the sun to do its magic. ♥

Satisfied with the perfect sun bathing at the Philippines’ highest peak, we returned to our campsite to eat breakfast, clean up, and take pictures — as evidence of the most epic journey we have ever embarked so far. ♥

From there, our next target was Lake Venado, our next campsite, which was about 3 hours away.

Going from a wonderful place towards another wonderful place calls for a wonderful trail. And I wasn’t disappointed. Long, green, and droopy grass covered the entire trail, reminding me strangely of The Shire from LOTR. I could I have sworn I hoped to find a Hobbit hole or bump into a halfling round the next bend.

Knowing that it was only a few hours to our destination, we had a very relaxed walk down the mountain. We stopped to sit under the bushes even though we didn’t feel tired at all.

When we arrived at Lake Venado, I was surprised to see makeshift shelters made of twigs and tarp. I thought they were just other campers but they turned out to be locals who sold goods as a livelihood. I talked to a few of them and I learned that they carried these stuff all they way from the city, no matter how heavy, just to earn a few pesos. What a burden that must be. 😦

But enough sad thoughts, I just achieved one thing that most Filipinos haven’t. I’ll toast to that with an icy cold Coke I bought from the sari-sari store. Now, when somebody asks me, I can say with pride and confidence:

“Been there, done that.” ♥


2 thoughts on “Climbing Mt. Apo (Kapatagan-Kidapawan Traverse) – Day 3/4

    1. Yeah, some people are very inconsiderate these days. But there are still others who care. When I went there, the mountain was pretty much “clean” because guides and other groups cleaned it up. You should go too, the view is still magnificent, even with the bits of trash laying around.

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