Climbing Mt. Apo (Kapatagan-Kidapawan Traverse) – Day 2/4

A beautiful sunny morning greeted me  on my second day in Mount Apo. I was still on the Tinikaran camp, our first campsite. If I take out boyfie’s snoring, I would definitely say I had a great sleep. The ground was flat, and the temperature was just right even until dawn when it was supposed to be the coldest.

For breakfast, I sliced up green beans and pork while boyfie did the cooking. We also cooked corned beef in preparation for our lunch that day . We were scheduled for a very looooooooong walk so we wouldn’t have time to cook. Thankfully, the food was enough for everybody, unlike the previous night when we shared barely sufficient bits of meatloaf among too many people.

By 7AM, we were halfway through breaking camp. Everybody was already full and had their trekking gear on. We commenced the trek after a quick prayer then headed on through thick forests until we reached the best challenge for the day.

The Mount Apo Boulders.

It was a seemingly endless view of blue skies against white rocks, and the occasional patches of green that were the wild blue berries that thrived in the area despite the abundance of sulfur vents. I enjoyed eating the ripe ones which gave a burst of sweetness in your mouth. But I also liked the tangy taste of the unripe ones. I think I enjoyed picking up the berries more than I enjoyed climbing the boulders.

Because I really liked the berries, I gathered a bunch of them an placed them on a small plastic baggie. After a few minutes though, moisture started to build up inside the plastic and the berries seemed to spoil. 😦 I must have shown a really disappointed face because Kuya Eldie, my porter, approached me with a bottle full of berries. He said the trick was to add water so the berries wouldn’t spoil. Then he gave me the bottle and said I could have all of it. I repeatedly thanked him while grinning from ear to ear. ♥

At the end of the boulder trail is Mount Apo’s crater. When Mt. Apo last erupted, this must have been filled with deadly boiling lava. But now it is covered by a soft bed of grass and mud, and has even become a venue for soccer players.

Some people have lined up rocks to form giant letters that are visible from higher ground. I, however, was too lazy to spell out my 3-letter name. So I just took a picture instead.

At past 3PM, we’ve reached our second campsite. Which was located just a few meters below Mount Apo’s peak. I was so tired after the Boulder Challenge so I took a quick nap before setting up my tent.

No, actually I was just posing for the camera because I thought the grass was so pretty that I had to take a picture. If you do want to take a nap, you should find shelter of some sort because it was really hot at this hour.

We found a cozy corner between the rocks and greenery to pitch our tent. Our porters offered to cook dinner for us so we’re free to climb up the peak and wait for the sunset. The offer was too nice not to take, so we got ready and started to ascend.

A few minutes later, I found myself at the front row of where the sky meets the earth. ♥

I knew that Mount Apo is not the highest peak in the whole wide world but I felt as though I was higher than any mountain there is, or could ever be.

I was at Mount Apo’s peak. For real. Now I’m sure that dreams do come true. ♥


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