Siargao Island Day 3/4

My third day in Siargao was reserved for visiting the other famous spots in the island. Other than surfing and the beach, I had no idea what else was there.

We booked a Hyundai Starex van to take us to these places. We drove a few minutes and finally stopped in front of the entrance of yet another beach called Magpupungko. Just as I thought, the beach again! What else do you expect on an island? Even though the beach was quite nice, I was in no mood to bathe in the shallow water. It was low-tide at the time and the heat of the sun was scooooorching. So no, thanks.

But since we were already there, we walked past pointed rocks, ankle-deep waters, and a creepy pathway surrounded by drooping tree roots just to see what the place boasted of:  a rock formation that resembled a squatting person.

It was this rock. I stared and stared but couldn’t figure out where the “squatting person” was. It looked to me like a person trying to keep his head above the water because the tide was coming in. If you see the “squatting person”, point it out to me please. 😉

Yeah… it was kinda boring. But only because we didn’t swim in the water. I saw children and adults climbing up the giant rocks and jumping down towards the blue-green sea. I also saw a giant poster of a man holding up a really big fish because apparently, the place was also known for game fishing.

Anyway, we decided to take a detour into a place not in our original itinerary. It wasn’t in the itinerary because the folks back at the resort told us that the road was terrible. But the driver of our tourist van said otherwise.

When we arrived, we found out the hard way that the resort folks were right. The road, if the name is even appropriate, was mostly mounds of dried-up mud and chunks of rock. Passage was extremely difficult, even for a two-wheeled motorbike. Having no other choice, we went out to continue on foot. While the guys pushed the heavy van under the heat of the midday sun.

Go, go, go, Hyundai Starex!! ♥ There were some nasty sounds as the underside of the van hit rocks and hardened mud. But somehow, all the pushing was successful and we made it past the rough part. Whew. We all boarded the van again and drove a few more minutes toward what is called the Taktak Falls. So okay, I was wrong, there was indeed something else other than the beach.

The place was quite small and wasn’t all that impressive. But because of the heat and the long hours of travel, the water seemed really enticing. So we changed into our swimwear and dipped into the water.

The water had a greenish-brownish color, typical of a water-surrounded-by-forest that I’ve seen in most of my Philippine travels. But what surprised me was that there were fish living in the water! Some of them were even bigger than both of my hands combined! We fed them chips (because it was the only food we had), as soon as the chips touched the surface of the water, a multitude of them came jumping up to eat it. The fishes, I think, were very curious because they come close to you and sometimes bite playfully at your legs. They came so close that I hit a couple of them while I was paddling my feet trying to float above the water. Sorry, fish! 😦

We stayed there for the rest of the morning and left just a little after noon. Because we had no food with us, we were already very hungry when we drove back to the city. Good thing there was another road and we didn’t have to push the van again.

It was almost 2 o’clock when we reached a restaurant. And because it wasn’t “lunch time” anymore, there were no food left. 😦 We ordered breakfast meals because we thought it would cook the fastest. But even that took forever! While waiting, me and boyfie ate instant noodles to keep ourselves from passing out. A minute after forever, the food finally arrived. After eating corned beef and egg, we ordered halo-halo for dessert. I exited the restaurant with a burp. ♥

As a last stop, we were taken to an expensive-looking resort not very far from the resort we were staying in. As we stopped in front of its giant gates,  a scary guy wearing a guard’s uniform approached us and told us that only paying guests can enter. Awwww. 😦 I checked out their website afterwards just so I knew what I was missing. If you’re curious like I am, you’d check out their website here :

With nowhere else to go, we went back to our teeny cottage at the resort where we chatted the hours away.

By nighttime, when everyone else was resting their head, boyfie and I and two other friends stayed outside to drink one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, … ten tequila? How many tequilas have I had again?

Zzzzzzzz… good night! 😀


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