Siargao Island Day 1/4

Walking barefoot on the sand – one of the best feelings in the world.  ♥

Last weekend, I did just that in the tropical island of Siargao. It’s a small island in the north-eastern part of Mindanao, Philippines. Siargao is known for its big waves because of strong currents and wind coming straight from the Pacific Ocean. Siargao is composed of  small islets, reefs, mangroves, and sand bars. And is a famous tourist destination for surfing for locals and foreigners alike.

On the first day of the trip, right after unpacking and eating lunch, we booked a small motorized boat to take us island hopping. The first stop was at an island made up entirely of white sand.  They called it the “Naked Island” because it was bare all over. There were no palm trees, no bushes, no land…just pure white sand (and a few seaweeds, hehehe).

As soon as the boat came to a stop, all of us jumped out to roll around on the soft sand or soak in the warm salty water. I don’t think anyone can resist the distinct green and blue of a perfect beach and a glowing white sand bar against a backdrop of sunny skies. ♥

The next stop was at “Daku Island”. The term Daku literally means “big”. This island was a lot bigger than the previous island and it had trees and a few cottages. It was also home to a cute wittle puppy. ♥

The waves here, even near the seashore, were very strong. It was hard just to stay on one spot because the water would drag you along. But despite that, children from neighboring towns were enjoying the water as it washes across the sand. They brought with them customized plywood slabs to act as little skimboards to glide over a thin layer of water just above the sand. They made it look so easy, so I tried it myself. But sadly I’m too stupid to make it work or too heavy to be carried by a small piece of plywood. Hmpf. 😦

After that, we made our way against the strong currents toward the last and final stop of our island hopping tour, the “Guyam Island”. It was a very tiny piece of land. Like a single drop of pancake batter on a wide table top, it was small and rounded. The island was so small you can go around it in under 3 minutes.

We stayed there until sunset and was able to take great shots. I can’t explain it but we Filipinos just loooooove jumpshots. No trip is ever complete without it. So here they are! Weee! ♥

Finally, we climbed back aboard the boat and headed towards the resort where we were staying. After a nice bath and a hearty dinner, I snuggled into bed awaiting the fun that the next day would bring.  ♥


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