Palawan Escapade Day 6/6

The 6th day of our Palawan trip was mostly just preparing for our flight back to Cebu. We decided on buying our tickets at AirPhil Express because they had an 88-peso fare promo (exclusive of tax, of course) and Cebu Pacific’s P1 Fare was only from Cebu-PPC, no promos for flights back home. As it turned out, it was a good decision because my backpack was more than the allowed hand-carry weight and they had a free check-in for baggages less than 10kilos. 😀 So special thanks to AirPhil Express for making this trip “within budget”.

Aboard the plane, I took my last look at Palawan from a thousand meters high until the clouds finally covered the sparkling blue of Palawan’s beach.

Below are the highlights of our 6D/5N Palawan trip.

Day 1

– Cebu to Puerto Princesa City
(via Cebu Pacific Piso Fare. Travel time: 1hr)

– Puerto Princesa to El Nido
(via Fort Wally Shuttle @ Php700/pax. Travel time: 6hrs)

Day 2

El Nido Tour A
(via Servant Tours @ Php 900/pax + Eco-Tourism Development Fee @ Php200/pax. 9AM-5PM. Personal Favorite: 7 Commando’s Beach)

Day 3

– El Nido Tour C
(via Servant Tours @ Php700/pax. 9AM-5PM.)

Day 4

– El Nido to Puerto Princesa
(via Fort Wally Shuttle @ Php500/pax. Travel time: 5hrs)

– City Tour
(by tricycle @ Php700/2 persons. Duration: 2hrs)

Day 5

– Underground River
(via 3B Travels and Tours @ Php1300/pax. PPC to Sabang Travel Time: 2hrs. UR Tour Duration: 45mins)

– Ugong Rock Adventures
(Spelunking @ Php200/pax. Zipline @ Php 250/pax)

Day 6

– Puerto Princesa to Cebu
(via Airphil Express P88 Promo Fare)


Click on the links above to view the details of each day! ♥

Travel Tips:

  1. Mosquito repellant is a must for El Nido.
  2. If you want to save time, Lexus Shuttle has a direct trip from El Nido to Underground River (Sabang Beach).
  3. The Underground River Tour normally costs P1,500/pax. But if you’re nice, you can get a P200 discount.
  4. Puerto Princesa City Tours by van normally cost P600/pax. Try to arrange with a local tricycle driver and you can save as much as half the price.
  5. Stay as long as you can. Palawan, especially El Nido, is the greatest place to be! ♥

I was only able to try Tour A & C in El Nido. They still have Tours B & D. Also, I wasn’t able to go to the Crocodile Farm, and go Firefly-watching, and I haven’t been to Dos Palmas and Honday Bay. That’s plenty of reasons to be back in Palawan.

I’ll be back someday. But for now, Goodbye Palawan! Till we meet again! ♥


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