Palawan Escapade Day 3/6

Another great day in El Nido, Palawan. Here are the details of Day 3.

5:50 – Wake up

I slept really early the night before. I woke up with a headache, probably because of having too much sleep. I killed the alarm before it rang then went on to prepare for the day.

6:30 – Breakfast

Boyfie and I walked around El Nido just to check out the sights. We were able to tour the entire town in under 30 minutes. And we did it by foot! The small town was situated right at the foot of towering limestone cliffs. It was both scary and magnificent to look at.

We didn’t find a better place to eat while walking around. So we ate at the same restaurant as the previous day. I ordered the extra-large burger just to satisfy my curiosity of how “extra-large” the burger was. I normally don’t eat breakfast so I wasn’t disappointed.

9:00 – Tour C

We sat at the Servant Tours office while waiting for the rest of our group. The sky was overcast that day and probably scared off the other travelers. So instead of the maximum 8 people, it was just me and boyfie and 2 German students. They were really friendly. They told us that they’ve visited a lot of other Asian countries but later on got tired of seeing all the big cities. So they came to El Nido. And much like I was, they were enchanted by its beauty.

At the boat, I recognized the same tour guide and boat captain from the other day. We exchanged friendly hellos and then there was the routine prep talk about where we were going to go.

First stop was at the HIDDEN BEACH. I like it here because the water is shallow and I didn’t need to wear the bulky orange life vest. And we did find Nemo! ♥

Next was MATINLOC SHRINE. This wasn’t a snorkeling site but an island with an old abandoned chapel and mansion. In order to get to the shrine, you’d have to go down from the boat and climb the stairs going to the mini port. I brought my camera with me to take pictures. Good thing I handed it to boyfie before going down. Because when I did, I found out the hard way that the water was chest-level deep.

Behind the chapel is a rocky pathway that you can climb to get a grand view of the sea beneath. There was very little room at the top and it was very hard to move around the pointy rocks but I managed to get a panorama.

Across the chapel is the abandoned mansion owned by a wealthy family. According to the guide, they didn’t have enough money to maintain it so they left the place and now lives in Manila. But they also didn’t want to sell or hand over the place to Palawan Tourism so it just sat there until the mosquitoes made it their home.

By now, my stomach was starting to grumble. Good thing the next place where we’ll be going is TALISAY ISLAND where lunch will be served. I was disappointed when we arrived. The beach was littered with garbage and the washed up tree trunks were greasy from what looked like oil spills. It was dirty and from the way I see it, nobody’s ever tried to clean it. 😦

Anyway, we still had lunch at the beach but a little farther from the water where it wasn’t so polluted. Lunch was fried chicken, grilled fish, cucumber salad and fresh fruits. The Germans we were with did not eat fish, and specifically gave me and boyfie the permission to eat all the fish we wanted. I couldn’t be any happier. ♥ While eating, boyfie talked to them a lot. But I had too much fish in my mouth, I only smiled and nodded whenever I thought the timing was right.

The next stop was supposed to be the SECRET BEACH. Just like the Secret Lagoon, you also would have to go through a little hole to get there. But the current was too strong that day and our guide decided that it was too dangerous to push through with the plan. Because you might hit your head on the rock or something. So instead, we went to an alternate location, it’s called the COLASA BEACH.

The water was deep so I had to wear the life vest again. 😦 We snorkeled around until our legs got tired. We saw a lot of all kinds of fishes. And a big fat blue starfish. I brought with me a Nikon Coolpix AW100. The camera is waterproof up to 10m (33ft). But with the life jacket that I’m wearing, it’s not possible for me to go down 10m to get a close up of the starfish. 😦 Good thing our guide took the photo for us. 🙂 So hey, free sample photo of Nikon AW100!

The last stop was at HELICOPTER ISLAND. Easily enough, the island is named that way because it’s shaped like a helicopter. The sand here isn’t as white as 7 Commandos Beach but it’s still a nice place because it’s really peaceful. And it was great to just lay in the sand when your legs are hurting after snorkeling all day.

17:00 – Back at the inn

Little droplets of rain started to fall as we made our way back. And the sky was dark and gloomy and made me all the more sad of the fact that I was gonna leave El Nido in the morning. 😦

23:00 – Dinner

Finally the rain stopped. So boyfie and I headed out to enjoy our last night in El Nido. We stopped at Ric Sons Bar and Resto where we had calamares and beer for dinner. And then ordered fries and chicken because I was still hungry. We were sitting just outside the restaurant where the air was cool and I can bury my feet in the sand. I was enjoying the moment when all of a sudden, the rain poured down and we had to run inside. Boyfie was smart enough to bring the fries with him. But in the panic, I forgot all about the chicken. Huhuhu.

While inside the restaurant, I noticed that apart from the restaurant staff, only 2 other people were Filipinos. All the rest were people from other lands who spoke different languages: Spanish, Japanese, German, English. Wow, El Nido must be popular. Way to go!

I hope they enjoyed their stay. Because I very much did. ♥


2 thoughts on “Palawan Escapade Day 3/6

  1. anak… overwhelmed ko… appreciation ug sa pride…kay….anahhhhh… ka-anindot man nimo mo sulat…pero, daan pa man gyod ka sa una nuon..dili na kaayo ko mahibulong pod….murag pwerti gyong liwata nimo nako….. hehehehehehe…..

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