Palawan Escapade Day 2/6

Best day I had in El Nido, Palawan. Here’s what I did in Day 2.

6:00 – Wake up

I woke up even before my alarm sounded. I noticed that the only electric fan in the room had died. I was too sleepy to do something about it so I decided to leave it alone and sleep for another hour or so.

7:40 – Really wake up

I sat up in bed. I was so excited. This day I’ll be on my first El Nido tour. ♥ I asked the guy at the reception about the electric fan and he said that the electricity was available only during 2:30PM – 6:00AM. I don’t know but I was pretty sure I heard a blasting stereo from next door.

8:10 – El Nido Breakfast

It had been raining for days but today it was bright and sunny. Perfect weather for island hopping. Yay! We ate breakfast at the restaurant near the inn.

9:00 – El Nido Tour A

I’m on the boat! This is it! ♥ I looked around and there were 6 of us: me, boyfie, 2 other couples who were also from Cebu, and 2 other guys who kept to themselves. I’m not an expert in languages but they were probably German. Later on during the trip 2 other guys joined in, one was from Poland and the other was from Sweden.

There was a little prep talk from our guide and off we go! First stop was the BIG LAGOON. According to our guide, a scene from the movie “The Bourne Legacy (2012)” was shot in this area. Weee. I have got to see that movie.

Snorkeling was not allowed in the Big Lagoon. We only marveled at the blue-green waters as it sparkled under the sun.

The boat moved out of the lagoon and into the open waters. The waves weren’t so bad but it was really windy so every now and then you’d get sea water sprayed onto your face. I had to keep Canon inside the pack where she lay safe and cozy.

Next, we came into a place called the SECRET LAGOON. It’s a secret because you’d have to go through a tiny hole that reveals a small lagoon with calm waters. During high tides, the hole would be completely lost, thus the name: SECRET LAGOON.

Next stop was SHIMIZU ISLAND where we will be eating grilled food on the white-sand beach. Oh, heaven on earth. ♥

Surprisingly, our guide was an HRM-graduate and he prepared us the best picnic lunch ever! I ate so much food I probably wouldn’t float on the water anymore. =”>

I have only touched my feet on shallow waters up to this point in the tour. Until we came to the SMALL LAGOON. The water here were of varying depths.

Even though I love the ocean and fishes and beaches, I just can’t swim. 😦 Thankfully, boyfie is a great swimmer and he taught me how: “Move your hands this way, move your hands that way. Paddle with your feet so you’ll go faster.” But I had another idea in mind to make me move faster: Hold on to his shirt! 😉

You’d have to go through a gap in the rocks to get to the Small Lagoon. But unlike the Secret Lagoon, the gap is much bigger and the water was much calmer so there’s no need to watch your head.

Inside the Small Lagoon was a little cave with a little hole at the very top where light would go through. Maybe if we were there at the time of day when the sun’s position was perfect, it might have been a great place for photography.

The final and best part of the tour was at 7 COMMANDOS BEACH. I’ve been to a lot of beaches in the Philippines but this is by far the best I’ve ever seen. The fine white sand, the crystal waters, the faded blue mini islands at the distance, the boats rocking slowly on the shore… I’ve always dreamed of being in El Nido. And this was exactly what I dreamed it would be!

There were tents for rent at this beach where you can spend the night. Sadly for me, I have a schedule to follow and I must be back to town. 😦

17:30 – Back at the Inn

The electricity was supposed to be back at 2:30PM but there were still no lights when boyfie and I arrived. I wanted to get out of my wet clothes and wash the sand out of my hair so I had no choice but to take a shower in the dark.

8:30 – Lights out

I was so tired from all the fun I had so I decided to lie down and postpone dinner.

Good night for now, El Nido. I’ll dream of you tonight. ♥


2 thoughts on “Palawan Escapade Day 2/6

  1. Wonderful post and it brought back a lot of memories! Many years ago, we lived in the Philippines (for 2 years only), but I remember we visited Palawan, and we went to all those lagoons you mentioned! I hadn’t thought about them for a long time, and seeing them again brought back lovely memories, so thanks for sharing! 🙂

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