Palawan Escapade Day 1/6

I’m back from my 6-day getaway! Here’s a list of what I did on Day 1.

12:00 – Touch down at Puerto Princesa.

Boyfie and I were seated near the emergency exits and despite having the responsibility of opening the emergency doors, I found it a relaxing place because there was a lot of leg room compared to the ordinary seats wherein your knee would bump into the seat in front of you. From Cebu’s NAIA, it was only a 1-hour flight and it’s helloooo Puerto Princesa City! ♥

13:40 – Depart for El Nido

After eating lunch at a nearby carenderia, we arranged for a shuttle going directly to El Nido. Boyfie and I sat on the front seat so we’ll get a good view. The driver was very friendly and we chatted a lot along the way. It rained while we were on the road and I was worried that my escapade wouldn’t be as great as I imagined it to be. 😦

I was supposed to get the bus instead of the van because it was half the price. But  a friend of mine told me that the road wasn’t cemented and being in a non-aircon bus would get you all dusty. When I got there, I found out that the road wasn’t all that bad. The most part of the road has been cemented and those that weren’t has been flattened out, ready for the next construction.

15:00 – Checkpoint

Here I found out that bringing in of seeds, plants, or animals are not allowed into the town. According to the tough guy that did all the talking, it could interfere with Palawan’s natural wildlife. There’s a CR and a little store at the checkpoint. You can also get out of the van just to stretch your legs. I found this cute little chick while I wandered around the area.

16:00 – Fort Wally Stopover

We stopped by a restaurant called Fort Wally, which by the way was also the name of the shuttle. We ate a very early dinner there because we were a little tired and hungry from the long trip. Also, this squid looked tasty. 🙂

19:15 – Arrival at El Nido Terminal

Finally! It was already dark when we arrived. It was a very long trip but I had no regrets. Because the next morning I knew that it was all worth it. As a preview, below is a picture of where I went. More details on the Day 2/6 post.

19:20 – Check in at Tay Miloy’s Inn

To some, going to Palawan could mean a very expensive trip. I thought the same thing too. And it surprised me when I saw Tay Miloy’s Inn from a blog which was written a year ago. I called the Inn and I was even more surprised when the rates were exactly as they were a whole year ago: 300 pesos! The room was clean and small and simple. That’s alright, I don’t need a fancy hotel coz I’ll be spending most of my time out on the beach anyway.

22:00 – Lights out

I had a hard time going to sleep. My feet kept hitting the foot of the bamboo bed. And I’m only 5’2″! 😦 There was a mosquito net tied at the top of the bed and I also put on insect repellant but I had lots of mosquito bites when I woke up. 😦 I rechecked the insect repellant pack and to my horror, it was only effective for 4+ hours. Hmmmpft. Always read the fine print.

That’s it for now. I’m tired and I need to sleep. Hope there won’t be any more mosquitoes now. Good night. ♥


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