Join the Club!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been a fan of the Arts. But being my usual lazy self, I never really got the chance to actually LEARN it.

And then I purchased my Canon EOS 60D and life became colorful again. ♥

Just recently, I joined our company’s Photography Club. I’ve never had any formal study on Photography that’s why I’m expecting a lot from this. Below is the first entry I submitted. I selected this because I thought this was a nice shot. I was kinda hoping everybody else would like it too. But being a noob at this game, I still have to learn tons of stuff so comments and suggestions are very much welcome.

As our first club assignment, we were asked to submit a photo with patterns. So I submitted a picture of a sushi platter that I took in New Year 2012 during my stay at at friend’s house in Tsukuba, Japan.

The above are all old photos that I dug up from my hard drive. Now that I think of it, I really should be going out there to take more photos and learn on my own by experimenting.

Well, this weekend, I will be spending it at the island paradise of Palawan! ♥ I’ll make sure not to forget my Canon EOS 60D so I’ll be able to get great shots! Yay!


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