Sunday drivin’ : to Toledo & back

On board a Kawasaki Rouser 220, we braved the less travelled road of Talamban to Busay. The air was cold in Busay, even in the middle of the day. And the view? Breathtaking. We stopped a few times to take snapshots but the pictures turned out pretty lame. But then again, how can the lens capture what the heart sees?


From Busay, we decided to continue driving to Balamban, home of the famous “liempo”. Balamban is not so much of a province as the other places in Cebu. They even have a grand mall with a Department store and a super market, and fancy interior designs!



From Balamban, we followed the road, hoping to reach Toledo. We were driving for more than 4 hours and a lot of times, we thought we were lost. But nevertheless, we drove on. The locals have been very helpful. They all told us to “just go straight”. So we did.

While on the road, I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw these guys riding a motorcycle with the head of a goat sticking out at the side.



Finally after 4 and a half hours of travel, we reached our destination: Minie’s house, which was situated at the border of Toledo and Pinamungahan. Minie was kind enough to offer us a free ice water and buko ice candy. ♥

Minie’s house was only a few meters away from the main road but it’s surprisingly quiet.  The sort of silence you can get only in less populated provinces. Below are a few snapshots from the garden of Minie’s mom.



We left Minie’s house at around 5:15PM. We were supposed to hurry back to the city before it gets dark. But I was so hungry, we had to stop at Mang Inasal @ the Toledo Metro Plaza where I gobbled my spicy chicken barbecue as fast as I can to save precious daylight. And then it was aboard Rousy again. We took the road to Naga. It was there that the sun finally abandoned us and we had to rely on Rousy’s halogen high beam to lead the way. It was a very long drive and my legs were starting to feel sore. I felt like the happiest person alive when we finally took a left turn to a familiar road going to Minglanilla.

There we remembered that boyfie’s officemate, Jason, lives nearby. A few text messages were exchanged and it was a free San Miguel Grande for me. Nyahaha. I felt sleepy after 2 shots though, so I just munched on the salty garlic corn to prevent myself from dozing off.

We finally left Jason’s house at 10PM. I shivered behind boyfie’s back because the air has become surprisingly cold. I read signs off establishments to identify where we were. Tabunok. Talisay. etc. I stopped paying attention after a while. A few more minutes and we were home. ♥

A good thing to note here is that the Kawasaki Rouser is really reliable. Even with its bulky structure, it can easily go uphill. At least, that was what boyfie said. I don’t really know much about motorcycles. I was just happy the Rouser didn’t die on us after driving for more than 5hours non-stop. It would have been such an experience if we were dragging it along the national hiway.


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