Gear up: Fleece Jacket

When on you’re high altitudes, you definitely need something to keep you warm during the night. Temperatures could reach up to 10 degrees or less. For that, using just your sleeping bag might not be enough. A good suggestion for that is a fleece jacket. It’s guaranteed to keep you warm (except maybe if you’re on snowy land, but I wouldn’t know about that, I live in a tropical country. No snow here.) Also, its lighter than bringing multiple jackets and it also saves you space on your pack.

The Northface sells it for around 3,000++ pesos. I got mine for only 130! ♥ Where did I get it? Read on.

my fleece @ P130
The Northface Fleece @P3000++

The Cebu Carbon market, particularly the road near USJ-R, is littered with hundreds of jackets like these. They even have those bulky winter jackets which you can’t possibly use while in the Philippines. The only difficult thing though was to find a jacket that fits me. What I bought was actually a Kid’s size 12. Heehee.

Because it was being displayed on the street for God knows how long, it’s natural for it to be dusty. So be sure to wash it really well before using it. I washed mine with boiling water and lots and lots of detergent. If it makes you itch, wash it again.

The lesson here, you don’t need to throw away your money for fancy branded stuff when you can get the same thing for way less.


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