Gear up: Backpack


I’ve been looking for months and months for the perfect pack. Most of the backpacks I see on stores are made for men and doesn’t really suit the delicate form of a female. I have almost decided on buying for a Deuter Aircontact SL 40+10L when I got on my eyes on this baby.

I asked a gazillion questions about the bag but the salesboy didn’t seem to know much about the product. Luckily, another man approached us. He was either, the owner, related to the owner, or part of the store management. I wasn’t really sure. I only asked questions about the backpack. He answered all of my questions and even told stories on his previous climbs. While he was blabbing on, I listed down the reasons why I should buy this bag.

  1. It’s pink. This is what girl power is about.
  2. It has the right size. 42 Liters. It doesn’t look too big when I’m wearing it, plus I can bring it on major climbs where I’ll be packing a lot of stuff.
  3. It has a built-in rain cover. Not only will it keep my pack dry during rain, it can also protect my bag while I squeeze my way under felled logs, between tight rocks, or along sharp leaves.
  4. It has a sleeping bag compartment. It also doubles as another opening from the bottom so I won’t have to remove everything on top just to get what I need on the bottom of the rucksack.
  5. It has two little pockets on its waist band. The perfect size for my digital camera.
  6. It goes really well with my pink Merrell trekking shoes.
  7. Lastly, did I mention it’s pink?

The above seemed reasonable. All I had to do was take out a little plastic card, sign two little pieces of paper, and it’s mine. ♥. I exited the store feeling happy and nine and a half thousand bucks poorer.


4 thoughts on “Gear up: Backpack

  1. Hi Ms Deamari,

    I am a guy but ako gi palit nga backpack kay Deuter Futura Pro 34L SL (female bag).
    Reason: Dili kau dako tan.awon ang SL. Dakoan rkau ko s Deuter 40+10L(male size), Maulaw ko mag dala2x ug dagko nga backpack kay Beginners pa lagi hehehe. Invite nya me s inyo next trekking. This month palang jud me nka start ug trekking, nindot jud siya nga activity hehehe


  2. @fritz, nindot sd ang Deuter, mao na gamit sa akng mga kauban.. ganahan ra ko ug something na mu standout ang color pra dali ra mailhan asa akng bag.. 😀 and ganahan sd ko ug bigger bag pra dli kaau huot akng stuff and pra feeling pro kunuhay.. hahaha.. 😀 i’ve been using the Northface Tellus 42 in almost all my climbs and nkaangay raman sd ko.. anyway, the important thing is perfect fit cya sa imong back, pra dli magsakit especially during very long treks.. 🙂

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