Climbing Mount Naupa, Naga, Cebu

After a few months of nonstop weight-gain, I finally found myself agreeing to walk. Not towards the food store like the usual days, but to another local destination right here in my hometown — Cebu. I haven’t heard of Mount Naupa until recently. But according to travel blogs, Mount Naupa in Naga is a popular destination for […]

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Inspired by The Hobbit

My life isn’t quite as exciting these days. No travels to faraway islands, or hiking up remote mountains. I’ve spent most of my time staring at my computer, playing games, mostly just wasting time and being unproductive. Until one day, I went with my friends to watch The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. I’m not […]

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Bohol, Philippines

“Balik sa Bohol, balik!” The guy with the guitar sang on. The words were in the Visayan dialect which translated to “Come back to Bohol, come back”. And like a very good girl, I came back to Bohol for another weekend getaway. This was my second time in the island. But I still fell in love […]

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Spring Blooms

Yay! It’s spring time! ♥ For some parts of the world, that is. Even though I live in a country which wasn’t blessed with the four seasons, I do like to play along with those who do. So here are some photos that I’ve dug from my old archives. ♥ Happy Spring Season! ♥

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Siquijor Island, Philippines

Siquijor is a small island in the Central Visayan region of the Philippines. I’ve been there quite a few times because this is my boyfie’s home town and I get to tag along for family events and stuff. Siquijor is known for its inviting white sand beaches. But even though everybody knows that, most of the people I know […]

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